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Building a Spray Foam Rig

Buying your first spray foam rig can be overwhelming.

Is one brand of equipment better than another? If I buy this proportioner, which air compressor do I need? Will I have enough power with a 15KW generator? How much hose can my proportioner handle?

Take a virtual tour through our common trailer builds to learn more about what goes into them. Then call one of our Equipment Specialists to talk about YOUR rig (660) 202-4277

8 x 20 Spray Foam Trailer

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8×20 layout
Proportioner Heated Hose Spray Gun In-Floor Heat Chemicals Generator Air Compressor Air Dryer Bench Grinder and Storage 3" Hose Door Ramp Door or Barn Doors


We offer proportioners from most major brands, like Graco, PMC, and JHPK

Heated Hose

Heated hose is sold in increments of 50'.  The total length of hose you can have is determined by your proportioner.  Typically, new rigs would receive 150'-250' of hose, but most proportioners are compatible with up to 300' of hose.

The hose would have a 10' heated whip on the end, that attaches to the spray gun.

Spray Gun

We carry Graco, Carlisle, and JHPK spray foam guns, and the parts you need to keep them in great shape.

In-Floor Heat

Proper temperature control is crucial for spraying foam insulation.  Heating from the bottom up is the most efficient way to maintain that temperature.  Our built-in floor heaters are flush with the floor of the trailers, making it easy to place your drums on top.  Controllers are mounted to the walls for easy access.

Temperature control for the chemicals is crucial, with most brands requiring the drums to be heated to between 70° and 80° while spraying. 


We carry major brands of spray foam chemicals in more than 20 locations around the U.S., allowing us the opportunity to lower shipping costs. As one of our chemical customers you'll receive perks, discounts, and the support you need to help make your business successful.


Our 8x20 trailer is the perfect size for a diesel generator.  We typically recommend the 25 KW refurbished diesel generator as the perfect combination of power and value.

We also offer 15KW and 17.5KW gas generators.  Or if you anticipate always having a power source on your job sites, we can set the trailer up for shorepower.

Air Compressor

Your air compressor needs are going to depend on the other equipment you have in your trailer.

At IES, we carry a variety of air compressors to meet the needs of your equipment.  Our equipment specialists can offer guidance on the best build for you.

Air Dryer

An air dryer is crucial to the spraying process to remove moisture and ensure optimal spraying conditions.

Bench Grinder and Storage

A bench grinder is used to clean and maintain your parts and equipment.

Storage options that keep your parts and supplies within reach, but also contained so they stay put while traveling are standard on every trailer.

3" Hose Door

Our 3" hose door is optional but recommended for colder climates.

This allows the hose to extend outside, while maintaining the temperature inside the trailer.

Temperature control for the chemicals is crucial, with most brands requiring the drums to be heated to between 70° and 80° while spraying.

Ramp Door or Barn Doors

You can choose between a ramp door or barn doors for your trailer.

Barn doors would typically require that you have a fork lift to load your chemical drums onto the trailer.